Friday, October 13, 2017

Setting the Record Straight

I recently read a review of a new book on government housing policy, Richard Rothstein’s “The Color of Law”.  The reviewer’s summary relates: “…how public housing at times replaced… racially integrated… neighborhoods spawned in the private market. In other words, private housing markets were creating integration before government planners got in the way. Poor black neighborhoods characterized by significant degrees of property ownership were cleared for public housing, in which private ownership was by definition absent.” This book also documents the segregationist policies of the New Deal which continued the racist policies of FDR’s Democrat predecessor Woodrow Wilson. It does seem a bit strange that historians call regression “progressive”.

Every time I pass Rancho Seco, I feel sad. Not because of any love for nuclear energy, but for the wasted resources from which we all suffer. Environmental activists forced the plant’s abandonment, but why was it built in the first place? Isn’t this area rich in untapped clean and safe hydropower? Hasn’t the same environmental agenda prevented the prior development of our hydropower? What is the consequence of these seemingly choate policies? Is it odd that I prefer to read about the Dark Ages rather than having to relive them?

Recently, at our local Staples, I was offered a free plastic bag. So it seems OK that the more affluent, more likely-to-be making-discretionary-purchases don’t have to pay the ocean pollution tariff that the less fortunate struggling to buy a week’s food pay.  As every day goes by I achieve further understanding of what Liberals call logic. Part of what makes all of this possible is the dumbing down of America. While the most apparent of this gruesome trend is Common Core, it’s manifesting itself throughout our culture.  A nearby example is the dumbing down of the Nevada State Museum from a world class Native American exhibit to an educational Disneyland for grade schoolers.

But the dumbing down agenda strikes me daily whenever I write anything. Constantly I type a word that Microsoft Word tells me isn’t a word or is a misspelling of a word. After looking it up in a dictionary I discover that I was right about the word and its spelling. Why is Microsoft trying to limit our ability to express ourselves? Certainly Bill Gates’ continuing support of the globalist agenda can’t be unrelated.

Copyright 2017, Mark L. Bennett

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  1. Mark, SMUD does have an extensive hydropower project, the Upper American River Project. They were going to expand the project by adding a pumped-storage unit to it, but dropped the plan in the last year because it didn't pencil out. Every river near SMUD except the Cosumnes already has hydro development, and in dry years, hydro production drops dramatically. SMUD's own ratepayers were the ones who decided to shut down Rancho Seco - not "environmentalists." SMUD has a nice solar farm at Rancho Seco and Amador County no longer needs to worry about that Two-Mile Island-type reactor melting down.