Friday, June 14, 2013

Outside the Ivory Tower: Musings & Observations

During the Presidential debates I wanted the various moderators to ask both Obama and Romney this question: How would have President Andrew Jackson responded in Benghazi?

Obama’s persecution of the press appears to repeat the mistake the British made with the Stamp Act. They taxed the press and their editorials retaliated, partly leading to the American Revolution. Obama should have known this, but apparently the American history curriculum was lacking in the Indonesian madrassah where he studied.

In 1790 Alexander Hamilton sent his proposal for the Treasury Department to James Madison for review. Madison replied that if we sell bonds into international markets, foreigners may buy them and try to control us. You are probably more likely to learn this studying American History in Beijing than Washington. Read history answered Winston Churchill when asked how he learned leadership. Harry Truman answered a similar question with read biography. Every form of government throughout history was examined and debated by the Founding Fathers.

Some say that our Constitution of limited government is outmoded. Have the Ten Commandments lost relevance over the last 3200 years? Far too many people today view the world around them through the blinders of a preconceived ideology. An ahistorial attitude best describes the circus in today’s Washington. Recalling the vernacular of my youth I ask: Do you know what is really real?

Copyright 2013, Mark L. Bennett

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