Friday, February 10, 2017

Who are David Nicholson and Steven Frisch?

Many of us local politically-minded folks have been engaged in Facebook wars. Two leading antagonists are David Nicholson and Steven Frisch. Nicholson is truly amazing. As much as I strain my brain, I still find it difficult to conceive of how an adult, whom I presume Nicholson to be, can exist and be totally naïve about how the world really works. Whenever this is pointed out to him, he ignores reality. He endorses illegal immigration, but refuses to acknowledge that many illegal immigrants work under slave labor like conditions because they have no civil rights. He minimizes Islamic terror and presents Muslims as some innocent minority hounded by racists and white nationalists. However, Muslims are not a race and many are Caucasian. He discards any information from a source he disagrees with, and calls everything else fake news. He considers our president to be a fascist without any proof. He denies Muslim immigration jihad. He posts opinion pieces from left wing sources as gospel truth, and sets himself up as the ultimate arbiter of truth by rejecting far too many other sources. He seems intelligent, but evidently uses his intelligence to rationalize away reality. For that reason alone, he is dangerous.

Our latest row was about the recent attack on a Quebec City mosque from an article by Pamela Geller. Ms. Geller is an accomplished author and journalist currently living under death threats for defending the civilized world from Islamic terror. When news of this attack came out, the establishment press blamed two known white nationalists without any factual basis. This was then discredited and a Muslim bystander was then blamed. It appeared to Geller and others that the attack was motivated by a dispute within Muslim ranks, a very obvious conclusion given 1400 years of Muslim history. But it did turn out to be a crazy, white nationalist. Situations like this are commonplace in the confusion when a story breaks. We all have seen media print retractions a day or so later, and we all accept this since reporters are human. However, Nicholson claims godlike abilities to discern truth, discounts everything Pamela Geller posts, and considers her a bigot without any substantiation except his own prejudices. This is a childlike view of the world, and another of his many instances of immaturity.

Often his posts read like riddles, I have to reread them several times in an attempt to understand them. I am still flummoxed by his calling Milo Yiannopoulos a misogynist for giving a talk about Muslim misogyny. When I disagree, he has frequently called me a racist. Never mind that Muslims aren’t a race, whatever his few cherished news sources tell him is truth. Nicholson constantly expects perfect people and pure situations. While I personally find it hard to forgive Putin for his many sins, the real world says a deal (and oil related) to destroy radical Islam is a good deal. We worked with Stalin to destroy the evil of Nazism. That’s the real world of imperfection and choice.

David Nicholson and Steven Frisch both share the technique of answering a question with a question and of changing subjects. And both have accused me of having perceptual or behavioral disorders. Frisch is the president of the Sierra Business Council. Although located in Truckee, they meddle in the affairs of Amador and other counties. This group believes in the total fraud of human-induced global warming and the restrictions that entails. They partner with several land trusts that remove land from most productive uses and invariably increase costs/prices for the rest of us. And they partner with ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) that “… help cities to initiate, implement and monitor programs on promoting community well-being in the areas of health, sanitation, security, peace and happiness.”  This statement makes it rather explicit that they can define what happiness is and monitor us to see if we comply with their definition. They work with the European Commission, part of the European Union super state whose popularity is shown daily by the mass revolts of its constituents. And while the Europeans have many concerns, the most prevalent is the loss of their freedom to determine their destiny and maintain their culture amidst the multicultural onslaught of immigration jihad.

ICLEI promotes “Sustainable City-Region Cooperation” which “builds the conditions necessary to advance sustainability on the local, regional and subnational level.” This means that us Amadorians cannot use our resources nor have a vision of our future that isn’t subservient to someone else’s proscriptive ideology. ICLEI is structured to get around elected governments. It is rule by “the experts” living elsewhere. Better get ready for a career changing bed linen for the visiting Bay Area elite.

ICLEI is a repudiation of the Renaissance, the 18th century age of Enlightment and the founding documents of the United States. I would no more support ICLEI that I would the Nazi or Communist parties.  So if you encounter Steven Frisch or David Nicholson on Facebook be prepared to goosestep to their concocted environmentalist and globalist new world order or be severely rebuked.

Copyright 2017, Mark L. Bennett

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