Thursday, December 22, 2016

How do we handle this?

There is now a daily crisis of Muslim terror for the ordinary people of Europe.  This is also occurring more frequently here in the USA although the mainstream media seem to just report the headline massacres.  Obama is importing as many Somali Muslims as he can get away with before he leaves office. An historic dilemma may face us and also determine the quality of our future.

Today we publicly focus on slavery and Native American decimation. But we have forgotten, as probably a statement of healing, our history of religious intolerance. The New England Puritans hung Quakers. Everyone had to pay a tax to the Church of England whether they were Anglican or not until the Revolution. The history of anti-Catholicism is long and sad and lingered until the Kennedy presidency. Anti-Semitism only faded when the horrors of the Holocaust became known.

Since the 1960’s expansion of immigration, significant Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh communities have been established here. That has generally gone smoothly. But while there have been unfortunate incidents, they have been the work of hateful crazies. They will always exist on the fringe, that is the nature of human society. And while their crimes are inexcusable, they cannot render our values.  But having to label and separate one religion as dangerous presents an historic dilemma. As our streets, campuses, night clubs, offices, military bases, etc suffer Muslim brutality this discussion will begin. Plus there is the reality of vigilante activity and that danger to innocent Muslims.

Liberals preach tolerance. I can hardly disagree with tolerance and my personal beliefs are simple. There is one God or Great Spirit or Universal Wholeness or whatever term you want to use. There are many paths to that connection because there are many different people. Use the one that works for you. Muslims enjoy calling the Mass ritual cannibalism. While I can understand their definition, the Mass positively connects over a billion people to the divine.  By what absolute arrogance could anyone consider that wrong?

I have studied the Arabian tribes back to at least 3200 BC including their exemplary economy based on raiding caravans, plundering cities and slave trading. They had the revelation of Islam in the 600’s and used the Catholic Church as a model to integrate conquered counties into a unified empire. I’ve read as much of the Koran as I could stomach. All this information is available to anyone including their numerous frauds such as taking the zero from India and selling it to Europe as their own.  I have personally and intellectually concluded, as have many others, that Islam is a political ideology masquerading as a religion. They call it immigration jihad while the globalist establishment calls it refugee resettlement.

Some hope that Islam can reform itself as have the other faiths that modernized. I know two clergy working with Imams.  But this wishful thinking may not be reality. While I don’t know what will happen in Europe as the situation worsens, we all know that they have a history of separating people by faith. We not do have such a history, but we are approaching the point where we may. That may become a necessary decision in the near future and a difficult, precedent setting dilemma.

Copyright 2016, Mark L. Bennett

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