Thursday, November 17, 2016

Soros Wedding

I just returned from my nephew’s wedding in Chicago. It was at a hotel across the street from a Trump hotel. Police, in the hundreds, were all around the area. Many of the streets were blocked off. Fortunately, I got there on time because I walked. Pedestrians were allowed passage through the blocked streets, but certainly we were all checked out visually. There were one to two hundred in the demonstration, with the crowd size varying during the evening. Replacements appeared to come and go, the protest having gone on for many days. Thousands must have participated in this endeavor. Every time the demonstrators tried to enter the Trump hotel, they were prevented by a double line of officers. I saw no violence, the police were very professional. Many people had trouble getting to the wedding, but we all managed to assemble. However, the rabbi hadn’t arrived. Undoubtedly, the kitchen staff for the dinner that was to follow were in a state of consternation over this delay. Finally, she arrived with her tale of travel woe.

It was wonderful to see my nephew get married, and to visit with family and friends. But the additional, probable George Soros-financed event made it an even more special occasion. Perhaps I should send him a thank you note.

The police overtime bill must have been enormous. I’m sure those in City Hall appreciated this addition to their financial woes. And if the officers weren’t on overtime and were pulled from other patrols, there are probably bodies and blood on certain neighborhood streets as testimony to their absence. I wonder if the recently-on-strike radical teachers who demanded raises from nonexistent revenues also supported the demonstrators? Perhaps if Hillary had won the election, she would have made George Soros’s birthday a national holiday in honor of these social justice warriors for the new world order.

Copyright 2016, Mark L. Bennett

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